The Open space is boulder’s legacy to future generations

it’s also a gift to wildlife and ecosystem health

2H will preserve and protect our magnificent mountain backdrop and open space in and around the city, including over 45,000 acres of land and 155 miles of trails. This land provides critical habitat for hundreds of native species, from rare plants to cliff-dwelling raptors. 

Maintaining City of Boulder open space has become increasingly difficult, due to the growing number of users and environmental threats. 

  • Boulder open space hosted more than six million visits in 2017– that’s 1.6 million more than Rocky Mountain National Park 
  • Climate change is driving up costs to maintain open space through impacts such as wildfires and the 2013 floods. 

Open space gives people of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels the opportunity to explore nature and cultivate environmental stewardship,  while protecting vital ecosystems and critical wildlife habitat.



join us in supporting 2H

open space funding for twenty years

2H will continue a city sales tax of 15 cents per $100 to fund City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks. The extension will last 20 years.

  • This is NOT a new tax. It’s not a tax increase either.
  • The extension of the sales tax will prevent severe cuts to the Open Space budget.
  • Funds will help to maintain, preserve and expand the The City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks land consistent with the Open Space Master Plan.

Long’s gardens

boulder’s last working community farm

  • Just one mile north of downtown Boulder is a property that is home to the Long family’s historic iris farm and two non-profits, Growing Gardens and the Mountain Flower Goat Dairy.
  • If 2H passes, the first year of funding will be used to purchase a conservation easement on the 25-acre Long’s Gardens property, ensuring that this community farmland is never subdivided or developed.
  • Over 45,000 people each year benefit from community garden plots, local food production, and agricultural programs on the property.
  • A conservation easement will also ensure bike paths on the property remain accessible to the public in perpetuity.